Blog Post 7: GPS game

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 2.43.43 PM

(Pictured above: My character in the app –Moofy is my dogs name, lol)

For class, we played Pokémon Go.

I grew up as almost every kid did in my generation with an obsession of Pokémon and collecting it’s cards. I’ve played the Pokémon Go mobile app game before but just never got into it. I suppose seeing the hype annoyed me, and news articles of bad situations–due to playing the game– made me a little scared to start playing. I know myself and how much I would have invested if I were to start playing regularly like everyone else.

This time around, I spent a little more time with the app than I have before. My sister and cousin were explaining to me all the cool things you can do. I caught a few Pokémon while we were in Target but wasn’t leveled high enough to partake in a battle at the gym. The amount of Pokéstops surprised me because these were stops where you are able to gain power-ups and pokéballs for the game. It made it easy to attain these. I could see how it could get harder later after leveling up your Pokémon.

It was hard to remember to play the game while traveling around since I hardly am ever on my phone. If I am, it’s most likely while I’m relaxing which doesn’t require movement and only allows me to catch maybe one Pokémon or Pokéstop. Most of my gameplay time was spent leveling up the Pokémon I had caught. I found it interesting that the game is a GPS based game but my sister or cousin did not appear near me on the screenplay. I guess maybe for safety reasons?

It was obvious that the main mechanics were exploration and collection. Collection has always been a main part of the whole Pokémon franchise. As kids, we used to collect as many Pokémon cards as we could, as well as the most powerful ones. The app is a very similar but virtual way of doing this. Thanks to modern tech, we can actually add the exploration to the game which almost makes you feel like you’re Ash, Misty, or Brock in the tv show. Both these mechanics definitely bring a strong feeling of nostalgia. You can finally be your favorite Pokémon trainer!

As mentioned previously, exploration and collection have always been part of Pokémon and this definitely requires some discovering. The game makes you get up and actually move around to find the Pokémon. Without looking or finding Pokémon, the game would be useless. After catching Pokémon, the player will most likely want to continue searching for Pokéstops or Gym to really get the full experience of the game, therefore I would name Discovery as the key aesthetic.


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