Blog Post 6

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.14.40 PM


Credits: Alexandre

.exe file (has to be from an SJSU account):



Instructions for play:

  • WASD keys for movement
  • Mouse for aim direction
  • Click for shoot/hold to continuously shoot


The changes I mentioned in last week’s blog post were made except the sound and chest. I did not make any revisions to the artwork as I thought that it looked fine to me. I resized the game to fit the screen as well as slowed down the enemies. The enemies now come out a lot slower than the previous version. One major issue I had was that after resizing the display, the player sprite would not correctly follow the mouse direction. I looked for anything to indicate areas of the screen (x and y, graph positions, area, numbers in the script) that were used for the mouse position but could not find any to adjust. I spent hours trying to fix this but could not figure out what was wrong.  I attempted to add a chest to the game but seen that a “chest” was already added to the game, though it was not visible or in the gameplay. I attempted to change the script to add use to the object but the changes didn’t make any difference or it would make the game unplayable. I have zero experience with any type of programming so everything took me hours to figure out. It’s completely my own fault for not showing up to class. The amount of time that I spent trying to learn the programming made it impossible for me to properly add the chest and sound before the due date. I think it would have been a lot easier to make a brand new game rather than working off of someone else’s script.


The game as it is now is best playable in the previous small-screen size because the direction of the player sprite follows smoothly with the movement of the mouse. The game would be a much better game once the end-game is made clear. This was supposed to be the key in the chest to unlock the door but any objective would have been good. I don’t think I would do anything further with this game as it has become totally different than I imagined. This project was stressful and I would much rather prefer to start new, and more simple.





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