Blog Post #5

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.14.40 PM

We named our game Gator Hater. My role as the artist and producer required that the artwork necessary for gameplay would be done in time to incorporate into the script created by my partner. We both had midterms during the 2 weeks that we had to create the game but I think we finished our parts in a timely manner. We weren’t able to add the chest pieces or key to the game as planned but were able to add the main images to create a simple shooter game.

Here are my image creations for the game. Not all were used and only one wall creation was used to create the background map.




I was not able to attend class yesterday for a classmate to fill out a player feedback form but I was able to have my roommate, Rob, and friend, John, play the game and send me a completed form.

Both playtesters thought that the screen was too small. They both also suggested we add sound. Rob mentioned that there were too many enemies that came out too fast. He thought that it made the game too short. John already knew my idea of this game since our first paper prototype and was expecting the chests to be apart of the game as well as different rooms. If we had more time to create the game, I’m sure we could have added in many things that were discussed. In my opinion, the game turned out pretty cool even though it was a short version of what we imagined. My partner did a great job of adding what he could to complete a prototype.

Based on the playtesters’ feedback, I plan to change the size of the game and make the enemies move slower so it’s easier for the player to maneuver around. If time allows, I will also add the chest to the game.

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