Session Report: Secret Hitler

Game: Secret Hitler

Players: Kimberlynn Moua, Alexander Chu, Chastin Gammage, Alexander Rosas, Muhammad Umair Khalid, John Sabour, Kevin Zhen, Anthony Astorri, Steven Gonzalez


Game Mechanics: Partnerships, Player Elimination, Voting

Example Session Report:


Summary: Secret Hitler is a political team based game for 5-10 players. The government positions given are the President and Chancellor where each player can be a Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler. While the Liberals have an advantage of the majority of the players, they fall short on the deck of policy tiles by 5 and the game does not begin with the players knowing their fellow Liberal members as opposed to the Fascist players who open the game knowing each other and the secret Hitler. This encourages the Fascist players to strategically lie to gain the trust of the Liberals.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.33.13 PM


Set Up: The set up consists of 2 boards for the Fascist and Liberal parties, 2 placards for the President and Chancellor, 17 policy cards, and envelopes for each player that contains their randomly selected political party. Each player receives an envelope with a party member card, a secret role card, and 2 ballot cards reading “jai” and “nein”.



Gameplay: We started off with our eyes closed and fists out. Only the Fascists were able to look at each other and Hitler was instructed to put their thumb up so the Fascist would know who they are. The player who held the Hitler card was unaware of who his Fascist friends were. I played the role of a Liberal. After the second government was chosen, we started to notice that there were far more Fascist cards in the policy card pile which was starting to brew up some suspicions on who was a Fascist member. We decided to shuffle the cards after supposedly drawing 3 Fascist cards 2 times in a row. In the 3rd round of government, John was elected president and did not vote for himself which threw out many suspicions as well. We continued to play by the rules of rotation. After more rounds, it was easier to spot who was Liberal but harder to spot who was Fascist since they were allowed to lie to us. Eventually, Hitler ended up winning the game, and surprisingly it was not John.


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