BP #1 – Emulator – Tron

I chose to play Tron, an arcade game based on the Disney movie. The visuals and sound makes the player feel like they are at the arcade, of course with the game in full screen. The “Insert Coin” and “Player 1 [and 2]” buttons were not accessible in Full Screen mode forcing you to exit Full Screen to start the game when you’ve lost. The typical arrow keys were used as the directional buttons for moving the character in the gameplay, however, it took me 10 losses to figure out how to fire. Control was used for firing which caused the game to exit Full Screen mode when pressed simultaneously with the arrow keys per Mac’s keyboard shortcut settings. (I did not attempt to remap my keyboard for this game.) The directions at the main menu were for joystick use. The game lets you choose from 4 different areas on it’s main screen map which holds 4 different “mini games” that have their own objective — fight spider-cyborgs to make it into the portal, trap an opponent with a motorbike trail, shoot down a wall, and destroy tanks. The biggest difference between playing in an emulator vs the actual hardware is the controls/controller although controllers can be connected via USB nowadays. Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.23.49 PM

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